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When I was growing up, meeting people on the internet was simultaneously a social death wish and a real life death wish. Generally, things that are perceived as dangerous (such as climbing the highest in a tree or, more specific to this topic, being in the same room with strangers who apparently have trouble making friends the old fashioned way, presumably because they are insane serial killers) these dangerous things would be rewarded with a few high fives and a chorus of “wow, mans.” But online meetups didn’t work that way. If you meet someone IRL (an acronym which also didn’t exist back then), you were thought to be deserving of your murder. After all, you were the one who willingly embraced said potential murdery situation. Things are different now. Legitimate relationships start online. Which is bullshit, because I recently met up with some people, and those people are not part of a once-shunned internet meetup group. I met up with a group of video games programmers, the only group that, back in my day if they meet up IRL society would collectively dismiss the strangeness of it with a casual “yeah, that makes sense. They are a bunch of nerds, and by proxy, probable serial killers.”

Man how times have changed.

On this episode, I talk about my experience with attending a game developer meetup.

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