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UPDATE AGAIN: The semi-finalist pages have been taken down. The final 10 will be announced on March 3rd.

UPDATE: I received notice that my excerpt of Torch has survived another round of cuts, this time down to 100. The next round, down to 10, happens in early March.

A few months ago I submitted a 5,000 word excerpt from my novel Torch, on a whim, to the Breakthrough Novel contest. I’ve been exposed to contests like these before, both in the form of warnings and depressing tales of stomped egos; never in the form of optimistic encouragement. Bookseller-sponsored writing contests have a certain stigma, not unwarranted, I’m sure.

But, here’s hoping those warnings are just the foul remnants of those taken by less legitimate contests. I received notice today that Torch has survived the initial dwindling of 5,000 to less than 900.

I’m happy. Despite the humility and caution that I should display, I instead embrace a smile. Nothing wrong with that, right?

ABIA Torch Please, please, please head over to the Torch page, read the 16 page excerpt, and write a review. There are prizes on the behalf of for well written reviews; proof that I’m not being entirely selfish.EDIT: Some great people are leaving great comments already (most of which came through bribery, but praise is praise). Click here to go directly to the reviews. Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semi-Finalist


  1. Someone who didn't knew you were a writer

    Nothing wrong with a smile 😉

  2. Caleb,

    I just wanted to say that I’m so proud of you and excited for you! Also, no matter how scary or creepy your writing becomes, I will not forsake you.

    your favorite fake younger sister

  3. How Sweet. Not the part about being proud, but the part about saying that my writing has the potential to elicit such visceral reactions. Seriously though, fuck our friendship.

    Kidding, of course. I love you fake younger sister.

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