AWP Chicago IL 2012

Here’s my gear:

Cell phone


To keep in contact with my wife, who isn’t entirely ecstatic that I’m going to be gone for five days. Also, for sending real-time updates via Twitter and TwitPic. I hope I don’t get the two recipients mixed up. If so, too all our readers: I do love you, but I’m not in love with you.

Digital camera


For pictures. And maybe for adjusting uneven table legs.

Audio recorder


I anticipate documenting as much as possible in pictures, text, and video. However, larger readings where picture quality may not be optimal, an audio recording might be the best way to share the experience.

Video camera


Interviews and readings. I want to have face-to-face mini-interviews with as many panelists, presenters, and journal editors as possible. This tiny Sony Flip Video recorder should work just fine. I’ve had it for years, with no problems.



Primarily, I’ll be posting blogs from this computer. I doubt I’ll bring it to the panels, as the clicking of the keyboard may be a distraction to other attendees. If I do choose to bring it along though, the small size of the netbook will at least be easy on my back. Additionally, and there will be more news on this to come, I am participating in an off-site reading, at which my book will be for sale. For those wishing to pay by credit card, access to PayPal will be easy.

Shoulder bag case


In previous years I traveled with a backpack. While the utility of a backpack made keeping organized possible and portable, the size tempted me to drag along way too much crap. Truly, all I need is a notepad, pen, and the above items to make my trip worthwhile. This bag should suffice.

Caleb J Ross

About Caleb J Ross

Caleb J Ross has written 23 post in this blog.

Being a multi-attendee, Caleb has had many opportunities to embarrass himself in front of important people.Caleb has been published widely. He has edited previous issues of Colored Chalk and is currently a co-editor of the Outsider Writers Collective website. His fiction chapbook, Charactered Pieces (OW Press) was released in 2009. His novels Stranger Will and I Didn’t Mean to Be Kevin are forthcoming in 2011, from Otherworld Publications and Black Coffee Press respectively.

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  1. Marlive says:

    Caleb, I like your style. When I attend lit conferences I tend to pack light and carry just as many tech devices as you, with the exception of the netbook (which I will be trading in my laptop for in the coming months). Great blog!

  2. Caleb J Ross Caleb J Ross says:

    Thanks, Marlive! About the netbook, I have to say, I love it. I’ve only had it a little while, and honestly (and I’m not the type to credit productivity to technology), I have been writing so much more since getting it. It may just be the novelty of the thing, sure, but it’s working so far.

  3. Todd B. Stevens Todd B. Stevens says:

    I’m writing on a netbook right now, and I love it. My ‘laptop case’ is a WWII gas mask bag. The great thing? Nobody ever tries to steal it as it doesn’t look like it has a computer in it.

    I tend towards the low tech myself, it looks like things might work out that I’m breaking in a new paper journal at AWP, great place for it.

    My major concern? Getting fountain pen ink past TSA security. How many ounces in a bottle of Levenger Smoky Grey?

  4. Caleb J Ross Caleb J Ross says:

    @Todd – I really wanted a bag closer to what it sounds like you have. Mine is vinyl. Canvas would have been much better.

    The pen might be a problem. Maybe label it “not a bomb.” It could work.

  5. Todd B. Stevens Todd B. Stevens says:

    I think I just might label everything I have “Not A Bomb” including myself.

    For bags check

    It is the Indiana Jones Bag. Yes, it is.

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