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I was incredibly happy to see this wonderful video book review posted today by YouTuber/BookTuber MartheBozart. Not only did she enjoy the book, she also noted a couple of specific parts of the book that I myself am particularly proud of. Very little in this world feels as nice as the rush of pride that comes over an author when a book works as intended. Thank you MartheBozart for reading and for the wonderful review (and for liking Stranger Will enough to pass along the book to a friend!).

Watch the review below. Also, be sure to check out MartheBozart’s channel and other social profiles via the links below. After all that, you’ll probably want to buy Stranger Will, right? I’ve made it easy for you. Just click over to Amazon (or your online book site of choice) now.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get better over at YouTube, I happen upon another video review, this one from RachelLovesBooks. This one was uploaded in July, but somehow I completely missed it. Watch below: