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Extree, extree! The new issue of Colored Chalk sits ready for consumption amid worthy virtual newsstands/host servers! Also, corruption within the Govna’s office! Read all about it!

Will I ever be disappointed with an issue of Colored Chalk? No. No, is the answer to that question.

How best to describe the issue 8 theme, Broken Clocks? How about a some text from the minds behind the pages:

It’s the human condition to lick the wounds of our mistakes and pick at scabs of regret.

from the original theme by Alex J. Martin

Be it misery or reverie, we mutate with our memories, traversing private histories, with critical eyes, and an editor’s pen.

issue 8 editor, Jason M. Heim

Issue 8 contains fine work from Nik Korpon, Justin Holt, Derek Ivan Webster, Richard Thomas, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Carol Stone, Stephen Graham Jones, Rebecca Gaffron, Alan Frackelton, Linda G. White, Tait McKenzie Johnson, E. Ryan Gaudreau, Christi Krug, Terence Kuch, Chris Deal, and R. James Onofrey.

As always, we promote legal theft as a downloadable and distributable .pdf file. Go to the Issue 8 page for details, printing instructions, and visual over-stimulation.