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I haven’t been writing much lately (aside from general outlines in prep for YouTube video making…but I wouldn’t count that). So when fellow Write Club alum Gayle Towell approached me about contributing a story to her new Microfiction Monday Magazine project, I hesitated. But then, I figured 100 words (the limit for stories to appear on the site) wouldn’t be too difficult to squeeze out. And while that ended up being partially true, I also very much experienced how rusty I had become even in the short few months since I’ve last written any fiction of substance.

Well, my effort–a story about a man and woman being scared of their child–which I am pretty proud of, went live today. Click over to Microfiction Monday Magazine to read my story “When Susan’s Daughter Sank.” It’s visceral, dark, and language heavy, just like I like ’em.… Read the rest

The Dying Goose with Caleb J. Ross

The Dying Goose with Caleb J. Ross

Damn, just when I was sitting down to do some honest writing on this novel that I’m way far behind on (on my admittedly self-appointed deadline), I get the news that my story “We’ll Learn Together” is now live in the new issue of The Dying Goose, meaning I’ve got to announce the publication to the world. #egoproblems.  Be sure to read the rest of the stories, too, especially “Commute” by my fellow The Velvet Born Chris Deal.

I suppose it’s fitting though that if time is being robbed by this publication announcement post that it would be for “We’ll Learn Together” as the story will likely make its way into the very novel that I’m not currently writing. So, I guess you faithful readers out there can consider this story the first glimpse at what will become my first novel in 3 years (minimum; it’s impossible to say how long the novel will take to write, let alone actually get published).… Read the rest

Thuglit issue 8 with Caleb J. Ross


My story, “Three Days Ahead,” has been published in the recently released issue 8 of Thuglit. I’ve been reading Thuglit fairly consistently since Nik Korpon’s entry (issue 2, I believe), and have come to really like it for it’s straight-forward, no nonsense approach to crime fiction. That being said, I don’t actually write straight-forward, no nonsense crime fiction. Actually, I’ve never really considered myself a crime fiction writer at all. Many (maybe most) of my stories do contain crime elements, but as actual crime writers will probably attest, crime alone does not a crime story make.

But I had an opportunity. I originally wrote a similarly themed story that ended up being a bit of a mess. So, during a rewrite of that story I ended up with “Three Days Ahead,” which by comparison to the early version is much more focused, much more emotional, and a lot less flashy-for-the-sake-of-flashy.… Read the rest

Booked Anthology Caleb J. Ross

Booked Anthology Caleb J. Ross

July 22nd, the release of the long awaited The Booked. Anthology, compiled by the minds behind The Booked Podcast. Consider this collection a primer for the names you’ll need to know if you plan on being cool at any dark, alt-literature party. Also, if you know of any dark, alt-lit parties happening let me know. As far as I know they are Sasquatch-level myth.

We’re talking stories from Chris Deal, Christopher J. Dwyer, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Amanda Gowin, Seth Harwood, Gordon Highland, David James Keaton, Nik Korpon, Axel Taiari, Paul Tremblay, Fred Venturini, Craig Wallwork, and many more . And even more amazing, ALL of these stories are NEVER BEFORE SEEN. That’s right. Nothing previously published. You’re getting the new shit this time.

Click over to the The Booked. Anthology page for a full list of contributors along with a variety of purchase options. Or, go straight to Amazon, because let’s face it, that’s where you’re going anyway.… Read the rest

Click the image above to view the video
Click the image above to view the video

My first novel, Stranger Will, is being re-released this January 25th, 2013 through Perfect Edge Books. However, I have a stack of unedited proof copies from the previous publication that I need to get rid of. Here’s where you come in.

I will send a free copy (until my limited supply runs out) to anyone willing to read the book and provide a video review. The review doesn’t even have to be positive. Just provide your honest response.

What’s the catch? No catch. I’ll even pay for shipping the book to you.

Because the book will be released on January 25th, 2013, I’m hoping for reviews to be uploaded as soon as possible. However, if you can’t meet the 25th deadline, anytime soon after is quite cool by me.

If you have questions, just ask in the comments at the YouTube video page.… Read the rest

Am I the Next Big Thing? Up-front honesty: no, I’m not the Next Big Thing. However, I have been asked by Richard Thomas to be a part of this blog Q&A thing called The Next Big Thing. I’d explain what The Next Big Thing blog Q&A is, but really, little explanation is needed. I was asked the following questions, and in turn, I will ask the following questions of a new group of writers (listed below the responses). On to the self-indulgence.

  1. What is the working title of your next book? Technically, it’s Stranger Will, due out January 16th 2013, but that’s a re-release of a novel. As for unpublished work, I’m working on two: The Synapse and The Bettors; I promise neither title will stay, as they both follow an unfulfilled [definite article] [vague noun] pattern that should probably be reserved only for terrible magazine rack thrillers.
Read the rest