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I have three questions for you?

  1. Do people read without an ulterior motive anymore?
  2. What is so alluring about writing?
  3. Are you a reader, sans the writer motivation, willing to Skype about it?

NaNoWriMo this year has made me realize just how rare the reader is becoming. It seems every reader out there also wants to be a writer. As a writer, this of course concerns me. What happens if the only market for a product is also the creator of the product?

Watch the video below as I ask and explore these questions. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to keep updated on all videos. I release about two videos per week.

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  1. The way you feel about writer-readers is ironically the same as I feel about desktop video- and music-makers, as one who has put in his 10,000 hours (many times over) to do both professionally (while succumbing to the allure of hobbyist publishing, yes). Simplified/affordable tools and democratized distribution proves too enticing for those who shouldn’t. I would argue, though, that the ratio of film enthusiasts to short-film directors is far more comparable to readers who publish than you’ve suggested. Feature films, though, no; way higher ratios of novels to those. Requires too much commitment and collaboration from too many people.

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