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Welcome to The One Thing, a video game review series that does something a bit different. Rather than try to touch on all the features that make a game great, I attempt to distill a game down to a single element that I believe is integral to the experience of the game. This may not be the only thing that makes a game great, but if someone asked me to tell them why a game works, I’d start with The One Thing.

My latest obsession is DOOM, the 2016 release.

DOOM is a lot of things to a lot of people. To fans of the original PC game, DOOM is a beautiful rendition of a game that likely defined them as gamers (it seems to have impacted most everyone who played it). To fans of first person shooters, DOOM is a fast-paced entry into a genre that’s lately been dominated by duck-and-cover shooters. To casual fans of pretty much any video game, DOOM is a refreshing change of pace, one that doesn’t require extensive knowledge of a specific genre and its conventions to enjoy. With such wide-ranging appeal, DOOM obviously has a lot going for it. But what is The One Thing?

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