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Up-front apologies for the sound quality for the first 10 minutes of this episode. Though, don’t let this apology deter you from listening; Pablo’s lovely voice (and Caleb’s less lovely voice) still shine through. After the 10 minute mark, everything becomes crystal clear(er).

Caleb J. Ross and Pablo D’Stair discuss a recent tweet sent from @calebjross that speaks to the problem of authors and their reading habits, particularly about how being a writer tends to lessen the enjoyment of reading. Of course, part of the enjoyment that writers get from reading comes from the dissective act of reading, but what about when we just want to enjoy a damn story? Is it possible for a writer to be a passive reader?


Jose Saramago

Knut Hamsun

Albert Camus

Lisa Zunshine

Denis Dutton

Bret Easton Ellis

Stephen Graham Jones

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Long ago, way back in 2010, when the world was a simpler place, a group of writers and readers decided to create a podcast which would establish a round-table, literary discussion format for the purposes of imbuing dick and clit jokes into otherwise serious literary discussion. Well, in late 2011, The Velvet Podcast sadly went the way of the dodos. But I didn’t feel it right to watch this great content fade away. So, over the next few months look forward to a resurgence of The Velvet Podcast…as much as re-posted archived material can be called a resurgence. Enjoy. And don’t hesitate to add this podcast URL to your favorite podcast subscription app so you can enjoy the wonderful content wherever you may be.