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I just finished Mighty Gunvolt Burst on the Nintendo Switch, and as the credits just barely come to an end, I offer up a few thoughts before I’m on to the next game.


It’s time for a post-game smoke, where I give a few thoughts on a game as soon as possible after playing it. As is the nature of this video, it’s short, hastily thrown together, and most certainly rides the high (or low) of whatever game I just finished. I trade in-depth analysis for visceral reaction. Both are important, but I only offer one here. If you are new to the channel, I offer plenty of longer, more thought-out videos, so please stay and poke around  a bit.

The credits have rolled on Mighty Gunvolt Burst and I’m happy to say that this game scratches a 2d action platformer itch that I didn’t even realize needed scratched. And scratched to such a degree that it’s pus-filled, likely infected, and all the neighborhood moms have warned their kids not to play with me. But you know, I don’t regret it. Stay away if you want, neighborhood kids. You’re just missing out on playing my copy of Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

This is classic Nintendo 2D action platforming goodness minus the intimidating difficulty. A surprisingly well-paced Mega-Man inspired…let’s be honest, Mega-Man cloned…game that initially impresses a sense of disappointing brevity but unfolds in a satisfying way that requires levels be replayed, turning that brevity into length. Lest, of course, you’re a glutton for punishment, and the idea of tackling bosses multiple times while severely underpowered excites you. If so, have at it. Me, I’ll grind until I’m over-powered and I’ll take out my pent up childhood aggressions on pixelated robots without remorse, thank you.

Having played neither a Gunvolt game nor Mighty Number 9, but definitely having played many-a-Mega Man game, I came into this game familiar with the evil robot, choose your stage order, exploit boss weaknesses conceit, but was unattached to the characters. Which is fine. These characters aren’t meant to carry the story. True to their metal composite, the characters aren’t fleshed out… They lack flesh…they are robots.

In fact, the story and the writing are such throwaway elements, that I wonder why they were included at all. A few still images to give the sense of a good vs evil scenario would have been fine. Then again, this is a game from Inti Creates, a studio that I praised in a previous video for having done something with the Blaster Master Zero story to set it apart from the original Blaster Master. I guess I cannot be pleased.

Overall mighty Gunvolt Burst is a fantastic game for fans of 2d action platformers, which is exactly who inti creates is aiming for here. There’s even an Easter egg or two for us retro fans (show easter egg). No Mighty Gunvolt Burst, a winner is all of us.

Sure, one could claim the “Winner is You” meme has jumped the rails of its Nintendo Pro Wrestling origins and has actually made its way to the final boss’s speech due less to the video game origin and more to its common meme existence, but I’d rather believe in a world where every conversation started as a badly translated NES victory screen. I think Bimmy and Jimmy would agree with me.

The game is relatively short, full of action, never overly-frustrating, but never underwhelming either. Once you figure out what all the boss weaknesses are (and you’ll probably have to consult the internet for such information, as the robot weaknesses aren’t often logical), the game does a great job of making you feel like you’re really good at the game. It’s a parent praising you for your amazing coloring skills simply because you managed to stay within the lines, for the most part. Call me old fashioned, but I like a video game that knows how to be a good parent.

Tell me in the comment if you’ve played Mighty Gunvolt Burst. What did you think of it?

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