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Stephen Graham Jones is incredibly prolific. Seriously, The Least of My Scars was published in late 2013 and already, as of March 2014, he’s got at least 3 other books out that I am aware of. But what’s incredible is that the man doesn’t skimp on quality. The Least of My Scars is no exception. This book is incredible.

Similar to Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho, The Least of My Scars is told from the perspective of a serial killer with whom the reader has no empathy. But somehow, Jones (and Ellis) makes it work. I’ll be studying this book for a very long time.

Intro easter egg: WheezyWaiter (can it really be an easter egg when it’s probably pretty obvious and definitely a complete rip-off?)

Least of my scars

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  1. What? My mom lied to me about my facial hair? I’ve got Indian on both sides, and this is what my folks told me too. I suspect it does have something to do with that testosterone stuff, cause my dad is a thick haired, full-bearded hairy man-man, and I am not.

    I’ve got SGJ’s book on my To Read shelf, I am reassigning its position as we speak… er… I type.

    Funny stuff.

  2. What we’ve learned today is that moms are liars.

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