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Over the years I’ve started and been a part of many podcasts and recorded live readings. See below for the archive.

Masters of Unlocking video game podcast logo

Masters of Unlocking

Masters of Unlocking is a different kind of video game podcast. One co-host is an author and game-lover, the other co-host is a collector and recovering game store owner. Caleb J. Ross (@calebjross) and VGCollectaholic (@VGCollectaholic) delve into the business, economics, and psychology of video games.

For a full list of Masters of Unlocking episodes click over to the official Masters of Unlocking website.

Important Question?

Important Question? is a podcast that aims to explore publicly the questions you explore privately. Join Caleb J. Ross and Gordon Highland, the devil’s own advocates, as they discuss the circumstances that would encourage a perfectly sane person to consider cannibalism, taking a bullet for a stranger, public masturbation, and more.

For a full list of Important Question? episodes click over to the official Important Question? Podcast website.

The Deaf Duck Podcast

Join me as I delve into the world of Unity (the 3D game development engine, not the concept of emotional togetherness). I know almost nothing about programming, but I love video games. And you know what they say, loving is half the battle (the other half is being flamed in forums for being new and not knowing about programming).

For a full list of The Deaf Duck Podcast episodes click here.


Meet My Father, The Internet

Meet my Father, The Internet is a collection of writings and a podcast which humorously, yet poignantly, explore my life as a fatherless child growing up as the internet first began its creep into ubiquity. The Internet became a pseudo-father figure for me, supplying me with the knowledge that fathers have historically disseminated. The series expands into fatherly advice acquisitions from other areas as well including martial arts how-to books, age-inappropriate sex jokes, and video games, mixing along the way what few memories I have of my father pre-divorce. Now, with two sons of my own, I find myself more eager than ever to mine my fatherless life for fatherly lessons.

For a full list of Meet My Father, The Internet episodes click here.


Webster Creasemuffin Jr. III’s Family Vidja Tradin Post

I recently met a guy named Webster Creasemuffin Jr. III. He runs a pawn shop, trading post store out of an unused broom closet in the local Family Video store. It’s a strange situation, sure, but he’s a strange guy. He keeps an audio diary which I offered to post online for him. I hope you enjoy.

For a full list of Webster Creasemuffin Jr. III’s Family Vidja Tradin Post episodes click here.


The Velvet Podcast

The Velvet Podcast ran for about 2 years from 2010 to late 2011. Each episode gathered some amazing minds from The Velvet writing and reading community to discuss various writing-related topics from the problems with live readings, the self-centered baggage that comes along with calling yourself a writer, and even the overlap of commercial and literary fiction. I also interviewed some of the greatest writing and publishing minds of our time including Brian Evenson, Matt Bell, Jane Friedman, and more. Collected here are the entire 18 episodes from the too-short-lived podcast’s life.

For a full list of The Velvet Podcast episodes click here.


The World’s First Author Podcast

Here I chew, swallow, and every-so-often successfully digest various aspects of the writer’s life, from rejection to success, sober to drunk. The World’s First Author Podcast is for writers looking for a bit of navigation through the increasingly fractured path to publishing success…maybe. Episodes include various guest spots on other podcasts and live recording opportunities.

For a full list of The World’s First Author Podcast episodes click here.


Live Readings

Live readings by a variety of authors, generally coinciding with true podcast episode recording opportunities.

For a full list of live readings click here.