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Stranger Will tour stop #60: Dark Sky Magazine – Denis Johnson Almost Drank My Pee

Posted 19 September 2011 / By Caleb J. Ross / Blog Orgy Tour/ Stranger Will

Before I say too much about this guest post, it is important that I stress the ALMOST part of “Denis Johnson Almost Drank My Pee.” He did not actually drink any bodily fluids of mine at all. It’s just that in a particularly drunken state, I thought that perhaps I could get Denis Johnson to almost drink my pee when I attended the Tin House Writer’s Workshop in 2004.

Also, I recently had the privlidge of reading this non-fiction piece to a group of students at ESU, the same ESU that funded my attendance to the Tin House Writers Workshop. Stay in school, kids.

Click here to read the guest post. Also, don’t forget that if you comment on all guest blog posts, you will get free stuff.

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