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It’s that time of year again, when it is acceptable for elitists to boast of their hipster cred. Of course, I am referring to the Top (number) Lists of the year. I’m going to squeeze into my skinny jeans, wrap a scarf around my non-coated body, and crack open a PBR while I compile my best  books of 2010 list.

The top five

Rationale: these are my five favorite books that were published in 2010. Of course, disclaimers apply; I couldn’t read every book published, I may not have given some books equal attention, and on and on. However, I can still cull a few favs from the admittedly too-short stack of 2010 books I read. And here they are, in no particular order.

What I said

Wolf Parts is vicious fairy tale excursions. Wolf Parts gives metaphor to the ambiguity of adolescence, turning the cautionary tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” into a predatory one. Wolf Parts turns the morality lessons of our established fairy tale and turns it inside out, sometimes literally.

What I said

Bliss Inc. beautifully teases the reader with resolution, from the opening description of arrival to the final page, and even then the reader is left with encouragement in lieu of conclusion. But it is because of this encouragement that Bliss Inc. should be on every reader’s bookshelf. Upon finishing, I knew I would forever look at cities, and my own suburban life, differently. Bliss Inc. is a truly phenomenal book, and I am comfortable with saying that it will easily make my top books of 2010 list, perhaps my top books of all time list.

What I said

I was surprised I liked it so much, to be honest. I’m admittedly a hipster when it comes to books (meaning, if one is popular, I am less willing to admit that I like it), but this guy has such a confidence of language that makes me so jealous.

What I said

At times Aimee Bender minus the domesticity, add humor, mix with welcomed introspection. I’ll be reading more @paulGtremblay

What I said: 

Author Nik Korpon is not satisfied to let a simple nod serve to validate his fandom, whether of movies, of music, or of literature. No, Korpon takes what is inherently compelling about each of his many references and weaves those concepts into his story.

Honorable Mentions

Rationale: these may not have made it to my top five, but they deserve some page space, dammit.

High Hopes

Rationale: these could have been on the list, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to read them yet. These are books that have been taunting me from my to read shelf. I’ve heard so much praise about these books that I feel bad for not yet giving them the time they deserve.

How They Were Found by Matt Bell

Working Backwards from Worst Moment of My Life by Rob Roberge

C by Tom McCarthy

Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void by Mary Roach

The Wraith by Goodloe Byron

It Came From Del Rio by Stephen Graham Jones


  1. Good list. I’ve always said you had excellent taste, Caleb. Which doesn’t explain my book, but…

  2. You damn well better have my book on yer list of runner ups, at least Caleb or otherwise I was gonna have to find where you live and throw a bomb in your house. And that’s real!

    …actually that’s just an excerpt from my new two volume novel: “Maybe Having To Find Where Caleb J. Ross Lives Because I’ll have To Put A Bomb In His House, a reverie”. Available late 2013 from Gonna Get That Bastard Caleb Books an imprint of Brown Paper Publishing.

    Congrats on the third upcoming release, by the way. Look at you, you’re gonna have to stop being humble, soon.

  3. I think you have a winner of a title there. Though, you may want to replace the name “Caleb J. Ross” with something more sell-able (stop being humble? Never!)

  4. Hey thanks for the nod, Caleb. I’m honored!

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  7. […] page space at Paul Tremblay’s blog. Paul’s collection, In the Meantime, was one of my absolute favorite reads of 2010. He’s a frequent poster over at The Velvet, and an all around nice guy. He even recorded an […]

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