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The economy has fallen, and flesh is worth more than dollars. Across four different districts of a city that has torn itself to shreds, four different interweaving tales (each written by a different author) play out. In”Four Corners,” a morally dubious banker must keep his employer happy at any cost. The next story, “Punhos Sagrados,” concerns a boxer who finds himself torn between honor and the woman he loves. “Golden Geese”follows a hardened criminal with a terrifying condition who must come to terms with the life he’s led. Finally, “Jamais Vu” provides a stunning denouement as a man searches endless for his missing daughter, a task which is complicated by a peculiar condition: his inability to recognize faces. Told in rugged, bare-knuckled prose, The Soul Standard is a nonstop thrill-ride down the darkened avenues and through the shadowed alleys of a nightmare town.

Richard Thomas is the editor in chief of Dark House press.

Caleb Ross is the author of five books of fiction.

Axel Taiari is a French writer.

Nik Korpon is the author of several books of fiction.


Shared universe shit is hard to pull of. I’ve never been one who cared for it, but when it’s done and done well, it can be a great thing. This one succeeds.  The writers involved while not all possessing the same style or vision have somehow aligned their talents into a lumbering monster that steps heavily from the exam table, pulls the cables from its neckbolts and shambles into the night of your brain.  You’ll play on the events of this book for some time.