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I’m simply too excited to Yooka-Laylee to sit idly by and not direct that excited energy into something. So, I bring you another episode of 6 Degrees of Pixelation. This time I connect Yooka-Laylee with Amanda Palmer (and I never once mention that Amanda Palmer plays the ukulele! I’m either an idiot or a king of self-control).

Like many other episodes in this series, I’m basically taking things I like and trying to find a way to make them exist in the same universe. If you don’t like the things I like, that’s okay. I still love you.

You know that social theory that everyone on earth can be connected to anyone else by no more than 5 intermediaries? They call that 6 Degrees of Separation. I do the same thing here, except I connect video game topics in strange ways using 6 Degrees of Pixelation.

Click here to access the Google Doc with the script and sources.