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Hey future Caleb, in your year of 2078 are you still paying $60 for a video game? I hope not. And I don’t think you should be paying less. In fact, I think you should be paying more. I, present Caleb, should be paying way more. If future game publishers have been able to maintain profitability at a $60 price point–a price point that hasn’t changed in over 20 years–then I have to assume one of two things. Either loot boxes, other microtransactions, DLC, day one patches, and ports from previous console generations aren’t just the norm, but are in fact themselves rife with loot box loot boxes, nano transactions, day zero patches, and nostalgia motivated DLC ports not of games but of the installation progress bar. (more…)

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Nintendo has announced Toy-Con which is part of Nintendo Labo, a Google Cardboard meets Lego educational experience that promises to be really, really cool. Imagine making a fishing pole accessory for your Nintendo Switch out of cardboard. Or even a Nintendo cardboard piano. Both will be possible. But imagine the possibilities of making your own cardboard accessory. (more…)

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A person who goes by Fractal Tetris Huracan has announced that she plans to marry the video game Tetris. I’ve got some thoughts on this, thoughts that I spew out as a drive around town during my lunch break.

Huracan is an objectum sexual, which means she loves objects the way most people love other people. I suppose I cannot blame her. If I were to love an object, it would most certainly be a video game.

Read more about Fractal Tetris Huracan and her engagement.… Read the rest

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I just started playing a little-known game called Skyrim. If you’ve heard of it, you are part of a special club. Join me, fellow club member as I spend a few moments during my morning commute to talk about the wonderful video game that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

How good is Skyrim? Very. Seriously, though, is Skyrim really that good? Yes. Is Skyrim better than Fallout? Well, hold on. Don’t go crazy.… Read the rest