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After having spent some time learning C# and the Unity 3D game engine, I’ve switched to GameMaker Studio. To keep me motivated, I’ve decided to document as much of my journey as possible. Below I’ve collected all of my various initiatives, projects, and documents for my own archival purposes as well as for the benefit of other game development rookies/newbs.

Game Development Road Map

The Game Development Road Map is a compilation of resources that I’ve ACTUALLY USED (capitalized to not understate the importance of personally vetting all resources). This list will evolve and grow as I absorb more material. Remember, this is just a list of resources (with some minor context). If you have any comments or suggestions, contact me.

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Games and Prototypes

While none of these games will amaze anyone who has been alive to experience comparatively superior interactions like watching paint dry, these games are a point of pride for me. Contained here are the various tutorial birthings and newb solo attempts I’ve taken on since starting my journey with game development.

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The Deaf Duck Podcast

Join me, Caleb, as I delve into the world of Unity (the 3D game development engine, not the concept of emotional togetherness). I know almost nothing about programming, but I love video games. And you know what they say, loving is half the battle (the other half is being flamed in forums for being new and not knowing about programming). I’ll share resources, discoveries, and maybe a recipe or two (not really) as I come to understand coding, Unity, and perhaps a little bit about life (not really, again. I’ve mastered life already).

While this podcast is currently on hiatus, I leave the episodes here for anyone else looking for early motivation.

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Developer & Student Profiles

Udemy is a platform or marketplace for online learning.
Microsoft Virtual Academy
MVA-share-logoMicrosoft Virtual Academy provides online training to help developers learn the latest technology.
Code School
CodeSchoolCode School is an online learning destination for existing and aspiring developers that teaches through entertaining content.