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Caleb has a degree in English with a minor in creative writing from Emporia State University in Emporia, KS. While attending ESU he won the Kay Alden Creative Writing Scholarship for Excellence in Writing for his short story “Car Dodging.”

Based on his writing merit, ESU funded his attendance to the Tin House Writer’s Workshop in Portland, Oregon during the summer of 2004 where he had the opportunity to study with novelist Peter Rock.

In 2007 he studied with Craig Clevenger, author of the novels The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria, in a six week writing intensive called The Contortionist’s Hotseat.

He’s been to a couple Association of Writer’s and Writing Programs (AWP) conferences which have allowed him the opportunity to embarrass himself in front of many important people.

Caleb’s work has appeared in journals alongside Ron Carlson, H. Lee Barnes, Thomas Fox Averill, Noah Cicero, Tony O’Neill, Stephen Graham Jones, Steve Almond, Aimee Bender, David Barringer, Steven J. McDermott, and others.


Caleb began writing his sophomore year of undergrad study when, tired of the formal art education then being taught, he abandoned the pursuit in the middle of a compositional drawing class. Major-less and fearful of losing his financial aid, he signed up to seek a degree in English Literature for no other reason than his lengthy history with the language. Coincidentally, this decision not only introduced him to writing but to reading as well. Prior this transition he had read three books. One of which he understood.

The English Literature curriculum taught him many things. One of the most practical is the use of third person when writing a short personal bio.

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  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature Areas of focus: Contemporary American literature, American short story (Emporia State University)
    • Minor: Creative Writing Areas of focus: Fiction, postmodernism, metafiction (Emporia State University)
    • President, Sigma Tau Delta (2004)
  • Author Residency: Tin House Writers Workshop, Reed College, Portland, Oregon. (10–18 July 2004)
  • The Contortionist’s Hotseat: A six-week writing intensive taught by Craig Clevenger, author of the novels The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria. (2007)

Professional Work

Teaching Work

  • Instructor, Tallgrass Writing Workshop, Emporia State University (2012)
  • Instructor, Tallgrass Writing Workshop, Emporia State University (2013)

Editorial Work

  • Creator/Moderator, The World’s First Author Podcast (2011–2012)
  • Creator/Moderator, The Velvet Podcast (2010–2012)
  • Editor/creator, AWP Blog (2009–2012)
  • Editor/creator, Oprah Read This > Oprah, Read This online fiction anthology (2009–2010)
  • Co-editor, Carbon Based Lifeform Blues (originally called Outsider Writers Collective, webzine [2008–present], OW Press (2009–present)
  • Reader/intern, MacAdam Cage Publishing (2009)
  • Co-editor, Colored Chalk zine (2008–2009)
  • Editor and Contributor for Flint Hills Review (2004–05)
  • Editor, Quivira student literary journal (2002–2005)
  • Judge, Kansas Writers Association Novel Competition
  • Reader, The Bluestem National Poetry Award

Contributor Work

  • Contributor, (2012-present)
  • Contributor, (2012)
  • Contributor,, book reviewer (2008–2009)
  • Contributor, Thirdeye magazine, book reviewer (2007)
  • Contributor, Depraved Press, book reviewer (2007–2008)

Readings and Lectures

  • ManArchy Loves Perfect Edge Books and Lazy Fascist Press reading, Boston, MA, International Poster Gallery, “Strippers with Your Son” (7 March 2013)
  • $@!# Authors Say, Kansas City, MO, Czar Bar, “Strippers with Your Son” (24 May 2012)
  • Noir at the Bar, St. Louis MO, Meshuggah Cafe, “The Lipidopterist” (28 February 2012)
  • ESU Visiting Writers Series presents Caleb J. Ross, Emporia, KS (8 September 2011)
  • Live Nude Words reading, Washington, D.C, The Velvet Lounge, Stranger Will excerpt and “An Equestrian of Mental Health,” (3 February 2011)
  • Super Sexy 100% Classy Author Reading, Kansas City, Missouri, Method, As a Machine and Parts excerpt (2011)
  • Artjerk reading, Kansas City, Missouri, Slap n’ Tickle Gallery, Will Write for ACID (a version of Will Write for Tobacco as appears at BULL Men’s Fiction) (2011)
  • Panelist, AWP Conference, “The Art and Authenticity of Social Media: Using Online Tools to Grow a Community.” Washington D.C, (4 February 2011)
  • OW Press The Velvet reading, Denver, CO, Leela European Cafe, “The Author Who Gets Free Drinks, a (Hopefully) True Story,” (9 April 2010)

Interviews with and articles about Caleb J. Ross

  • Booked Podcast: Episode 313 – Interview w/ Soul Standard authors Caleb J Ross & Nik Korpon – Booked Bodcast (2016)
  • Eat Like an Author – The Next Big Book Blog (2013)
  • Caleb J Ross’ Would You Rather – The Next Big Book Blog (2013)
  • The Art of the Domestic Grotesque: An Interview with Caleb J. Ross
  • B&B EP 4 Caleb J. Ross (2012)
  • Books and Booze Podcast, EP 4 Caleb J. Ross (2012)
  • I Didn’t Mean to Interview Caleb J. Ross (2012) – Slit Your Wrists Magazine
  • The Digital Age of Domestic Grotesque: An Interview with Caleb J. Ross (2011) – Solarcide
  • “Published Grad Credits Writing Program” (2011) – The Bulletin, Emporia State University
  • Warmed & Bound Collection – The Multiple Voices Inside Your Book (2011) – Jay Slayton-Joslin’s blog
  • Episode #25 – Caleb J Ross: Warmed and Bound Sessions (2011) – Booked Podcast
  • Six Personal Investigations of the Act of Reading: Caleb J. Ross’ Stranger Will (2011) – Sunday Observer
  • Ten Everywhere: Caleb J. Ross and the Stranger Will Tour For Strange (2011) – Monkeybicycle
  • “I absolutely could not write Stranger Will today, with a kid” : An Interview with Caleb J. Ross (2011) – NOO Journal
  • Booked Podcast: Episode 11 – Interview with Caleb J. Ross (2011) – Booked Podcast
  • This Podcast Will Change Your Life: Episode 37 (2011) – Ben Tanzer
  • Caleb J Ross – Author of ‘Stranger Will’ and Internet Rockstar (2011) – Jay Slayton-Joslin
  • Dispatches from Thunder Road: Stranger Will (2011) – Mlaz Corbier
  • A dialogue with Caleb J Ross through the filter of his short fiction collection Charactered Pieces (2010) – Predicate #1
  • “The Interview” with Caleb J Ross (2010) – Asnycnow Radio’s “The World Today” on Blog Talk Radio
  • The Victorious History of Caleb Ross (2009) – JMWW
  • A Conversatinterview with Caleb J Ross (2009) – Pela Via’s blog
  • Blank und Questions Asks: an interview with author Caleb J Ross (2009) – Gordon Highland
  • Five for: Caleb J Ross (2009) – 3:AM Magazine
  • Reader Meet Author: Caleb J. Ross (2009) – What to Wear During an Orange Alert
  • Interview with Caleb J Ross (2009) – Craig Wallwork blog
  • Oxyfication Interview (2007) –
  • “Student studies writing with professional writers” (2004) – The Bulletin, Emporia State University



Published Novels and Short Story Collections

  • I Didn’t Mean to be Kevin (2012)
  • As a Machine and Parts(2011)
  • Murmurs: Gathered Stories Vol. One (2011)
  • Stranger Will (2011)
  • Charactered Pieces: stories (2009)

Published Short Stories

  • We’ll Learn Together (2013)
  • Three Days Ahead (2013)
  • The Removal Kind (2013)
  • The Three-Legged Dog (a story for kids) (2013)
  • Sebaceous (2012)
  • Different People Entirely (2012)
  • The Lipidopterist (2012)
  • “untitled” (part of the Life in 100 Words or Less project) (2011)
  • “untitled” (part of the Pushcorpse project) (2011)
  • Evenson’s Tongue (2011)
  • Click-Clack (2011)
  • Noise (2011)
  • As a Machine and Parts (novella excerpt, chapters 1 & 2) (2010)
  • Born Again Michael (2010)
  • Legs Unwilling (2010)
  • Sarah Palin, 12, Strikes for Workers (2010)
  • Charactered Pieces (2009)
  • The Camel of Morocco (2009)
  • Globe Valve (2009)
  • An Optimist is the Human Personification of Spring (2009)
  • My Family’s Rule (2009)
  • E!Morphosis (2009)
  • Emoticon (2009)
  • It Sparks (2009)
  • Norman Rockwell Nostalgia (2009)
  • Reviews: Caroline Meyer’s Hidden Cigarette Butt, Joel Reynolds’s Dried Bar of Soap (2009)
  • Snake Girl at Scab (2009)
  • The Word Will Die Too (2009)
  • The Camp (2008)
  • Eyelid (2008)
  • Formaldehyde (2008)
  • A Trench is No Place For God (2008)
  • Car Dodging (2008)
  • Exhibit One – A Letter from Alex Fumar (2008)
  • The Barber Who Calls Himself Ferguson (2008)
  • Vertigo Unbalanced (2008)
  • Dry Dot (2007)
  • Our Guy (2007)
  • Refill (2006)
  • 5″ x 6″ in a Sturdy Frame (2006)
  • Petty Injuries (2006)

Published Non-Fiction

  • Denis Johnson Almost Drank My Pee (2011)
  • Even Strippers Bleed Red (2011)
  • Will Write for ACID Roam (2011)
  • The Author Who Gets Free Drinks: a (Hopefully) True Story (2010)
  • A Chinese Gemini (2009)
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