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Bloodborne, Adventure, and the Easter Egg: a Case for the Origin of the Video Game Community [VIDEO]
Posted 25 June 2016 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

What if Bloodborne owes a lot to Adventure, a game on the Atari 2600 from 1979? I make a case for the Easter egg—a hidden reference or inside joke in a video game—as the impetus to a player/developer dependent video games like Bloodborne.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below (but please watch the video first).

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Run, Jump, Shoot: Growing up Metroid [VIDEO]
Posted 16 June 2016 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

Metroid was the first videogame I ever owned. That alone should warrant some nostalgia, but mix with it the fact that my mother and father divorced with I was five, and Metroid was one of the few post-split gifts from my father, the game becomes more than just a game. It becomes a symbol of my confusing childhood.

I’m really proud of this video. If you relate at all to this video please share it.

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Books vs. Videogames [VIDEO]
Posted 15 June 2016 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video
Are books inherently better than videogames? Of course, I don’t think so, but allow me a few minutes to talk about why.

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For all of you who who subscribed to this channel for book content, I ask you to stick around for a while. You may enjoy what you see. And if you came to this channel for my charming personality, that will still be on full display. And for those of you who recently subscribe, knowing me only for videogame content, I urge you to check out my past videos. You may enjoy what you see. Read More

A Murder of Codes – The Deaf Duck Podcast EP06
Posted 5 March 2016 / By Caleb J. Ross / The Deaf Duck

When I was growing up, meeting people on the internet was simultaneously a social death wish and a real life death wish. Generally, things that are perceived as dangerous (such as climbing the highest in a tree or, more specific to this topic, being in the same room with strangers who apparently have trouble making friends the old fashioned way, presumably because they are insane serial killers) these dangerous things would be rewarded with a few high fives and a chorus of “wow, mans.” But online meetups didn’t work that way. If you meet someone IRL (an acronym which also didn’t exist back then), you were thought to be deserving of your murder. After all, you were the one who willingly embraced said potential murdery situation. Things are different now. Legitimate relationships start online. Which is bullshit, because I recently met up with some people, and those people are not part of a once-shunned internet meetup group.

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Something OnClicked() for me – The Deaf Duck Podcast EP05
Posted 1 January 2016 / By Caleb J. Ross / The Deaf Duck

Unity Podcast Ep 05 Something OnClicked() for me

Please don’t hate me for my lack of new episodes lately. Before you judge, please hear me out…I was playing a video game. Normally, that would not be a great excuse, but it kinda makes sense here, right? I mean, I am learning to make games. It would be like wanting to be a chef by refusing to let tasting food get in my way.

I’m back, though, and should be full-steam-ahead within the next few weeks (I think I’m just about finished with Fallout 4). Until then, bite off a chunk for this tasty episode in which I discuss my recent revelation regarding scripts and how they interact with each other. I’m pretty much a genius now, guys.
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    Music credit: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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    What’s a Game Engine? – The Deaf Duck Podcast EP04
    Posted 2 November 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / The Deaf Duck

    In this week’s episode I start off by apologizing for this not being a weekly podcast. Oops. But then I quickly(ish) get into my progress with Unity, with C#, an update on my newest game project, and I even have time to talk a bit about what a game engine is (see, the title of this episode isn’t just a trick).

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    • I’ve finished the C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners course!
    • I just finished lecture 80 in the Learn to Code by Making Games Unity course on Udemy!
    • The importance of a game design document
    • What is a Game Engine?
    • My game dev roadmap


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    The Beginner’s Guide game and being comfortable with ignorance – The Deaf Duck Podcast EP03
    Posted 15 October 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / The Deaf Duck

    In this week’s episode I dig a bit into the game The Beginner’s Guide. While The Deaf Duck is not a game review podcast, The Beginner’s Guide touches on an aspect of creation (any creation really, but in this case video games) that’s often discussed but rarely (that I know of) with the video game medium: Can a person have a satisfying creative life without having objectives for his art? In other words, can one create simply for creation’s sake?

    Be a deary and share this podcast with friends who, probably like you, are new to C# and Unity. You can subscribe via RSS or iTunes.

    And now for the show notes part of this blog:

    Mentioned Resources

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