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Delicious Rat Milk (ep02)
Posted 28 August 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Webster Creasemuffin Jr. III's Trading Post

Today Webster Creasemuffin Jr. III talks about his affinity for past generation video game consoles and milk from various teats.

Image used via CC license

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Webster Creasemuffin Jr. III’s audio diary (ep01)
Posted 28 August 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Webster Creasemuffin Jr. III's Trading Post


I recently met a guy named Webster Creasemuffin Jr. III. He runs a pawn shop, trading post store out of an unused broom closet in the local Family Video store. It’s a strange situation, sure, but he’s a strange guy. He keeps an audio diary which I offered to post online for him. I hope you enjoy.

Image used via CC license

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Is the Irish pub real?
Posted 16 August 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

Fresh off of reading A Pint of Plain: Tradition, Change and the Fate of the Irish Pub by Bill Barich, I’m saddened, mostly because of the “change” part of that subtitle. I want to believe in the romanticized version of the Irish pub. But, alas, it’s likely I’ll never see one.

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It Takes a Man to Get a Vasectomy (ep 02)
Posted 15 August 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Meet my Father, the Internet

Hello…oh, it’s you again. I didn’t expect you see you back so soon, considering after how you left the condition of the podcast last time. Oh, You don’t remember what happened? That’s convenient. Though it’s also expected, I suppose, considering the mess you made involved enormous amounts of spilled chloroform.

I see that you brought a friend. That’s good. Does your friend know about your chloroform clumbsiness? Yes?! Wow. Then he’s a keeper, I suppose. You can be as generous with the knockout gas as you want with this guy, huh.

So, we’re already at episode 2. I can’t believe it myself. It seems like it was only one episode ago that we were talking about neckties. Oh, to be young again.

This episode steals from my Funny Learning Series of essays, this specific one I posted to my website,, in October of 2014, so as you listen you may get a sense that you’ve read this before.

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A Man Minus a Necktie: a Brief History of Ties and a Longer History of Why I Hate Them (ep 01)
Posted 8 August 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Meet my Father, the Internet

I never had a father growing up, and therefore never had the father figure that TV told me was so important lest I not learn those things which make a man a man. You know, hunting, cooking wild animal meat over an open fire, t-ball. So I turned to an electric man (not so fast vibrator lobby, this isn’t about you this time. Your time will come…and so will your constituents). I turned to the internet. The world wide web became my source for fatherly wisdom, and it is the search for such wisdom that I shall document here on Meet My Father, The Internet.

I hope you enjoy this first episode of Meet My Father, The internet. Here’s what you can expect: Laughs. A few emotions, perhaps. Hunger, if this thing goes on too long, and judging by this intro it just might. So, without any further adieu, because I think we call all agree we’re about topped out on adieu, let’s get on with this dog and pony show.

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Axolotl. Hard to pronounce, but I slur my way through it at the Literary Roadhouse podcast
Posted 3 June 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Events


Lucky me, Literary Roadhouse co-host Gerald decided to take a vacation. This left room for Maya and Anais to invite me on as a guest to discuss the short story “Axolotl” by Julio Cortázar. What is an axolotl? It’s this weird looking thing:


Literary Roadhouse is a really good podcast where a group of co-hosts gather together to discuss one short story every week. Their discussions are in-depth and illuminating, a tradition which I hope to have contributed to (I haven’t listened to the episode yet, so I’m not sure).

Check out my guest episode here. Don’t hesitate to peruse their back-catalog of episodes. And subscribe, dammit!

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The Important Question? Podcast has a new home (and a few vacation properties)
Posted 30 April 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / General News

The Important Question? Podcast, a wonderful funny thinky podcast I co-host with Gordon Highland, has a new permanent home. I’d like to say that I kicked it out of my website because I don’t deserve its late night drunken ramblings, but the truth is it found someplace better. Check out Subscribe. All new episodes and news about the podcast will be posted over there.

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