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Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife
Axolotl. Hard to pronounce, but I slur my way through it at the Literary Roadhouse podcast
Posted 3 June 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Events


Lucky me, Literary Roadhouse co-host Gerald decided to take a vacation. This left room for Maya and Anais to invite me on as a guest to discuss the short story “Axolotl” by Julio Cortázar. What is an axolotl? It’s this weird looking thing:


Literary Roadhouse is a really good podcast where a group of co-hosts gather together to discuss one short story every week. Their discussions are in-depth and illuminating, a tradition which I hope to have contributed to (I haven’t listened to the episode yet, so I’m not sure).

Check out my guest episode here. Don’t hesitate to peruse their back-catalog of episodes. And subscribe, dammit!

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The Important Question? Podcast has a new home (and a few vacation properties)
Posted 30 April 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / General News

The Important Question? Podcast, a wonderful funny thinky podcast I co-host with Gordon Highland, has a new permanent home. I’d like to say that I kicked it out of my website because I don’t deserve its late night drunken ramblings, but the truth is it found someplace better. Check out Subscribe. All new episodes and news about the podcast will be posted over there.

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Would you rather be a dictator or an elected president?
Posted 14 April 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Important Question? Podcast/ Video


As the old joke goes: What’s the difference between Hitler and jock strap? One’s a dictator, the other a dick-toter. Absolute power may corrupt absolutely, but can you get anything done in a democracy? And so we ask, would you rather be a dictator or an elected president?

We’re also trying something new this time. We recorded the podcast in Gordon’s studio. Watch all the visual glory below. And let us know what you think of the format. We may do more in the future.

What about you? Would you rather be a dictator or an elected president? Let us know on Twitter.

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Gun, Needle, Spoon. An overview of Patrick O’Neil’s drug memoir [video]
Posted 9 April 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

This is a bit of a different format for my review videos. As I explain in the video, I’m trying to streamline the process of uploading videos while at the same time making the reading process itself more enjoyable. Let me know what you think.

So, what is Gun, Needle, Spoon? It’s basically a drug memoir written in a vignette style. The lack of narrative “glue” doesn’t detract from the impact nor from the sheer craziness of the events in O’Neil’s life. If you like drug memoirs, definitely pick this one up.


Disclosure: Dzanc (the book’s publisher) sent a copy of the book to me. The free copy did not influence my opinion of the book.

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Would you abandon Earth to live on Mars?
Posted 31 March 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Important Question? Podcast


With the announcement of the Mars One program, over 200,000 earthlings applied to depart this shithole planet and endure eight years of training before a seven-month, one-way, unshowered flight to colonize an unspoiled one. Four will be selected every two years. And so we ask, would you leave this life behind and everyone in it to realize your astronaut fantasy?

On this episode of Important Question? we ponder the possibility of moving to Mars.

What about you? Would you abandon Earth to live on Mars? Let us know on Twitter. Caleb J. Ross can be found @calebjross and Gordon Highland can be found @gordonhighland.

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Would you take candy from a baby?
Posted 17 March 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Important Question? Podcast


The greatest thing about childhood is of course the lack of shame when gobbling down copious amounts of candy. We even have Halloween, a day dedicated to begging strangers for the sweet vibrantly colored starter-heroine. And even better is being a baby with candy. Because we all know that taking candy from a baby is easy and wrong. Or is it?

On this episode of Important Question? we ponder to what degree would our taffy-like ethics have to be stretched before we take candy from a baby.

What about you? Is a crying baby or an angry parent worth a lollipop? If so, what flavor of lollipop?

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Your Castration Questions Answered!
Posted 4 March 2015 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. Surely you’ve always wondered about the nuances of castration. What is it? When was the first one performed? Is it reversible? I answer those questions and more in this supplemental video to the Important Question? Podcast (but don’t worry, you don’t have to have listed to the podcast to get this video). Read More

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