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6 Sick HipstersRayo Casablanca’s debut novel, 6 Sick Hipsters is now officially out and available for order.

Rayo was nice enough to send me an ARC of his novel a few months back, which I reviewed for Dogmatika, here.

Casablanca is truly a great writer and all around great guy. He can probably dance, too, which makes me even more jealous. Get his novel.

From the review:

“6 Sick Hipsters carries the rogue camaraderie of Joey Goebel’s The Anomalies—punk attitude and hipster lifestyles included—along with a less passive social critique found in Coupland’s Generation X. Fans of slick conspiracies and vinyl records rejoice.”

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  1. A million thanks, Caleb. Ach, how I do wish I could dance. I mainly just do that whirling around, all topsy-turvy, goth kid dance that everyone did to “Why Can’t I Be You” in 1988.

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