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  • @MenHumorTweets it's a good thing. Ringing a doorbell always seemed like self-important display. "You will welcome me!"
  • Forensic Files has convinced me that the evolutionary purpose of human hair is to keep us from getting away with murder.
  • @unRonic 90s Beats by Dre, probably not. But he's mellowed out in his later years, so the new model is maybe more responsible.
  • @unRonic at least I have noise-canceling headphone which block all but the most screeching misogyny.
  • I wish I could find a cigar lounge that isn't full of idiot guys trying to emasculate one another by way of anti-woman and anti-gay slurs.
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Book Marketing Tests and Studies

Below is a list of my blog posts that detail the various book marketing tests I’ve conducted over the years. I take pains to measure and track as many facets of these tests as possible, including using website analytics tracking, A/B testing, precision methodology, and a sprinkle of whoring myself out in the name of data. Some are successes. Some are absolute failures. None (probably) are a waste of time.

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In Lieu of Emo I Listened to the Metroid Theme
It Takes a Man to Get a Vasectomy: The History of the Vasectomy and 5 Things You Probably Didn't Consider Before Getting One
Tiny People in Your Semen: The Discovery of Sperm