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Book Marketing Tests and Studies

Below is a list of my blog posts that detail the various book marketing tests I’ve conducted over the years. I take pains to measure and track as many facets of these tests as possible, including using website analytics tracking, A/B testing, precision methodology, and a sprinkle of whoring myself out in the name of data. Some are successes. Some are absolute failures. None (probably) are a waste of time.

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  • New episode! 224 – Night in the Lonesome October (@BookedPodcast)
  • Weeds? What about the dandelions' self esteem? I prefer the term "precociously annoying." And "faggy."
  • Call me crazy, but I don't think living in a mental asylum makes me crazy.
  • Does anyone have any bad vasectomy stories to share? Better question: does anyone have any awesome vasectomy stories to share?
  • Before toilet paper Halloween pranksters draped trees in Sears catalogs and clam shells.
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