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Infinite Jest – The Definitely Prepared to Discuss Book Club Discussion Series
Posted 26 January 2014 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

So…a book club, huh, that I’m leading because, well, I definitely read this book. All of the words. So if you too read all of the words in Infinite Jest then join me as I extrapolate meaning and wonder from this book.

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Immobility by Brian Evenson – Video Book Review
Posted 24 January 2014 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

Immobility is about an amnesiac man named Horkai, and in typical amnesic style Horkai begins this novel having no idea who he is, where he is, or who those around him are. So, he must trust the word of those around him, namely a man named Rasmus. Rasmus tells Horkai that he has been brought out of a cryogenic state after 30 or so years and must go on a mission to retrieve something for Rasmus. So, Horkai does.

Now the first half of the novel plays around with Horkai’s alternating discovery of and hesitation to accept his surrounds. It’s a typical blank memory novel for a while. But then, the novel quickly becomes so much more. It becomes, what I interpret, as a commentary on organized religion, specifically the aggressive, and perhaps selfish, nature of religions missionaries.

See, during Horkai’s journey, he finds people who seem very willing, eager even, to help him.

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5 Tie Hacks
Posted 19 January 2014 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

I don’t wear ties that often. Hell, I barely know how to tie a tie. But I do own a lot of them. So proper tie storage isn’t something I want to spent a ton of money on. Over the years I’ve developed a few tie storage hacks (like life hacks, but for ties) that have kept my ties and my wallet looking great.

Do you have any tie hacks of your own? Share them below.

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You Choose Your Free Book – 1,000 Subscriber Milestone
Posted 19 January 2014 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

I’ve reached 1,000 subscribers! This is a big deal for me. For many YouTube channels 1,000 subscribers is something that happens within weeks. For me it’s taken just over 2 years. I don’t make the most accessible videos, I know. I make videos about books (strike 1) that many people have never heard of (strike 2) that tend to be longer than 1 ½ minutes (strike 3). The fact that I reached 1,000 subscribers at all is a bit of a miracle.

To celebrate this milestone I’m doing something special. I’m giving away books. If you are a YouTuber, all you have to do is make a video for your channel that promotes my channel. Let me know when the video is posted. Then, I send you any book you want (within monetary reason; I’m not rich).

I want to thank every one of my 1,000+ subscribers for looking forward to my videos.

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Reading Brian Evenson to my 4 year old
Posted 11 January 2014 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

Four years ago I read a passage from Brian Evenson’s creepy story “Eye” to my toddler (watch it here: I revisit the experience to see if my child’s reaction to and perceptions of the story have changed.

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6 Awareness Events in January You Might Not Be Aware Of
Posted 11 January 2014 / By Caleb J. Ross / Video

The new year greets us with a few laughably dumb awareness events. Join me and Wichita-based stand up comedian Doug Wilson as we discuss 6 such events…well, that’s not true; not all of the 6 are dumb. But with our commentary, they sure seem dumb.

Visit Doug:

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The first glimpse at the novel in-progress, live at The Dying Goose
Posted 4 January 2014 / By Caleb J. Ross / Publication Announcements

The Dying Goose with Caleb J. Ross

Damn, just when I was sitting down to do some honest writing on this novel that I’m way far behind on (on my admittedly self-appointed deadline), I get the news that my story “We’ll Learn Together” is now live in the new issue of The Dying Goose, meaning I’ve got to announce the publication to the world. #egoproblems.  Be sure to read the rest of the stories, too, especially “Commute” by my fellow The Velvet Born Chris Deal.

I suppose it’s fitting though that if time is being robbed by this publication announcement post that it would be for “We’ll Learn Together” as the story will likely make its way into the very novel that I’m not currently writing. So, I guess you faithful readers out there can consider this story the first glimpse at what will become my first novel in 3 years (minimum; it’s impossible to say how long the novel will take to write, let alone actually get published).

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